What Is My Modern Home Worth?


Whenever we are pricing a Modern home we are often faced with the same dilemma, what is this home really worth? In most situations, Modern homes are an anomaly in the neighborhood, unlike a subdivision where there are groups of homes with similar floor plans, all built by the same builder. Throw in the fact that they are often custom with unique or high end finishes and may come with the pedigree of being designed by a famous architect- it becomes as much an art as a science to come up with an appropriate price.

Many of us at 360 Modern have been in situations where we are competing against other agents for a listing. It is not uncommon for us to see agents value a home at thousands, if not tens of the thousands less than we know it is worth. And we have all seen Modern listings come on the market at a price we thought was low, only to see it snatched up in a couple of days or even hours, presumably for much less than the seller may have been able to get. This is common, as many agents that don’t specialize in this type of home may not understand the value of an architect-designed custom Modern. That is not to say they don’t know what they’re doing, they do-within the context of the homes they normally work with. This is really more about highlighting why using a specialist on a unique property is important, whether that is a Modern home, a waterfront home, a short sale or an equestrian property. There are certain types of properties that to understand value, only time and experience and most importantly, an understanding of the buying market can give you.

For those of us at 360 Modern our connection to that market is one of our key differentiators. The people that follow 360 Modern are passionate and highly educated about Modern. When we are working with a Mid-Century home in particular, we find that buyers sometimes can tell us things about the home, the area or the architect that even we, and the sellers, didn’t know. It’s why we love working with these Modern aficionados, they are as passionate as we are!

Every home is different and each one has a story to tell. Working with 360 Modern allows sellers to tell the story of their home, to market it to the right people and to get the most money they can for it. We are honored to represent some of the best examples of architecture in the Northwest.

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