The Power of Staging


staging-670x442Staging has become all the rage in recent years and rightly so. There isn’t anything other than proper pricing that can sell your home faster. That is especially true of modern and mid-century modern homes. Buyers that love this architectural type are very in-tune to the overall aesthetic. For some, it can be hard to get by traditional furniture in a modern home. Having a stager come in with the right style of furniture can make a huge difference when it comes to the price you’ll fetch and the time it takes to get your home sold. A well staged home will almost always sell for more money and in less time, all other things being equal.

To give you an idea of what a good stager can do, take a look at a recent listing of ours. The seller had lived in the property for around 50 years and there had been very little updating done. You can see the carpeted kitchen in the back and the old drapes covering the beautiful windows.


Here is the same room after our stager, David Robertson Design brought in his furniture and completely changed the feel of the room.

Staged Living room

Another shot of the room

Unstaged living room 2

After staging…

Staged living room 2

Here is a shot of the dining room.

Unstaged dining room

And after staging which included changing out the carpet for a neutral linoleum and removing the old drapes to expose the beautiful windows.

Staged dining room

This home sold in four days with three offers for $16,000 over the list price. Cost for staging: $2,000.

That is money well spent.

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