Showcase: First Lamp Architecture and The Orchid Studio


360modern is a community of modernists including architects, Modern furniture and art experts, non-profits, state historical organizations, county historical groups, and contractors. Today, we’re continuing our showcase of the people and businesses that make up the Seattle Modern community.


We had an opportunity for Taylor Callaway of First Lamp Architecture to answer a few questions about First Lamp and the Orchid Studio Project.

Briefly introduce First Lamp.

First Lamp began in 2009 with the goal of becoming a full-service architecture and construction firm. We are a focused group of multidisciplinary architects and builders whose work includes custom residential, commercial and multifamily projects.

We believe that our construction knowledge guides our work to be more successful in every way. When the hands that hold the pencil also drive the nails, everything changes. Buildings mature through construction with the same creative focus and clarify that began their conception. Ideas become more practical and philosophically relevant to the project.


We are architects. Every person in the office holds a master of architecture degree. We all care deeply about designing dwellings that are rooted in their surroundings and are a living extension of their inhabitants. We are chasing a lifelong obsession of creating architecture with beauty and integrity.


We are builders. Every person in the office has a background in construction and building. Ideas must be communicated using the same diligence and care with which they are created. What the world sees as building is to us merely the completion of an idea. It is a mistake that design and construction have ever been seen as separate acts, so we have made them one.

sc001a5d42What aspects of your firm are unique? How would you define First Lamp’s approach towards a project?

What makes us unique is we are one of the few Architect-Led Design and construction firms in the world. Everything starts with design that gets carried through the construction process.


What was the goal of the Orchid studio project, and thought process of bringing the project to fruition?

download-1We didn’t build the Orchid studio (and we don’t build everything we design), but the project approach doesn’t change when we do design only projects. The owners of Orchid Studio explained their goal of building a Mid-Century inspired studio with a bathroom and shower, a wall bed, and kitchenette, in an article published in the Summer 2013 issue of Atomic Ranch.


The owners contacted Architect Kevin Witt of First Lamp, and gave him issues of Atomic Ranch Magazine as inspiration. Kevin came up with some drawings of a Mid-Century studio that the owners loved. Kevin completed the plans and blueprints and the owners subsequently chose Joe Kilbourne from Kilbourne Construction to build the project. Upon project completion, the owners ended up with a beautiful Mid-Century inspired structure and space that fulfilled their initial wishes.




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