Design by E. Cobb Architects

Alchemy DL architecture + design

Founded by Brian McWatters, this office specializes in single-family residential projects that embody modern design, sustainable materials and environmentally friendly building technologies, and close attention to detail and craftsmanship. Projects range from cabinetry and small remodels to large additions and custom residences. View site ›

Amely Wurmbrand Designs

Amely Wurmbrand Designs is an award winning, nationally published interior design firm specializing in architecturally sensitive interior design. They have specific expertise in all aspects of Contemporary Modern and Classic Mid-Century Modern design, renovation and decor. They work closely with clients to make sure the client’s finished spaces are respectful of the architectural integrity of the building as well as inviting reflections of their owners. They are a valuable resource for any project. View site ›

Anderson Architects

Extensive experience in remodel/updating work on homes by Northwest Classic Modern Masters like Kirk, Morse, Lovett, and Bassetti. Beautiful Contemporary Modern work also. These guys are masters at modern, moving it into the future but with an eye to the best of the past. View site ›

Blip Design / Jim Burton

Blip is an award-winning firm dedicated to Modern “Green” design. We love to develop imaginative solutions to the functional requirements of a project, combined with the genuine, honest expression of structure and natural materials. We specialize in Sustainable Design, and are very good at working creatively within a budget. View site ›

Coates Design

Coates Design, founded by Matthew Coates, is a client-focused design practice specializing in contemporary-modern sustainable design. Their mission is to exceed their client’s expectations by providing thoughtful and environmentally-responsible design solutions at a reasonable cost. As winner of the “Cradle to Cradle” (C2C) Sustainable Home of the Future design competition, Matthew Coates is a uniquely qualified designer who will bring great ideas to your project. View site ›


COOP 15 began in 1992 as Lane Williams Architects.”We are a team of architects devoted to the design of custom, single-family residences. Projects range from new homes and remodels in the greater Seattle area to vacation retreats in the San Juan Islands and Central Washington, plus works in Oregon and California.” View site ›

DeForest Architects+

DeForest Architects+ is known for modern design that “plays well with others.” From modern remodels and new homes to small commercial and multifamily projects, the firm’s unique hands-on, collaborative process leads to inspired designs that combine close attention to client needs with creativity and common sense. View site ›

E. Cobb Architects

E. Cobb Architects is committed to practicing architecture beyond the limits of the industry standard.
View site ›

Eggleston | Farkas Architecture

Eggleston|Farkas Architects is a small collaborative practice specializing in modern architectural design.
View site ›


Heliotrope designs smart, contemporary works of architecture that transcend style and trend. A winner of five prestigious AIA design awards, Heliotrope is focused on work in the residential, commercial and public sectors. View site ›

Hoshide | Wanzer | Williams

Hoshide Williams appreciate the design principals embodied in Northwest Regionalism, and have maintained the original concepts and details in renovations and additions to homes by Paul Kirk, Roland Terry and Ralph Anderson. View site ›

Hutchison and Maul Architecture

Seattle based design firm founded by Robert Hutchison and Tom Maul in 2001. Their primary focus is in the design of new residences, residential additions/remodels, renovations of mid-century modern homes, and small art studios. View site ›

Janof Hald

Janof Hald architecture is a small, highly creative firm unafraid to mine the past in search of a timeless expression of modernism. Their national award-winning work is known for its refined detailing, sensual materialism, and effortless solutions for domestic living. View site ›

Jerry Gropp

Jerry has been designing Modernist Residential Architecture for many years on Mercer Island, in the San Juan Islands and elsewhere. He is available to consult with clients who may need the services of a highly experienced modernist residential architect. View site ›

Johnston Architects

Johnston Architects is a full service architectural firm providing comprehensive design and planning services for custom homes, civic projects, multi-family and mixed use developments. They believe there should be no distinction between good design and green design: they should be inherently linked. The motivation behind their design is to exemplify the environmentally conscious attitudes of its designer, builder and owner. View site ›

Kathleen McNeely | Gray Kat Residential

Versatile residential design with a Modernist heart. Sensitive remodels and intelligent new architecture. View site ›

Miller | Hull

Miller|Hull Partnership’s design reputation is based on simple, innovative and authentic designs.
View site ›


MusaDesign is an interior architecture studio that provides original concept design, strategic space planning, sustainable approach and cutting edge style using modern materials and technology to commercial and residential clients world wide. View site ›


mw|works is a Seattle based design studio offering architectural and interior design services to residential and commercial clients. Formed in 2007, their office remains small, focused on compelling, collaborative projects of all scales.

 Their work is guided by a commitment to the strength of the idea and a passion for the tangibles of material and detail. They bring an honest straightforward approach to their work, uniquely informed by circumstance, process, and ultimately the act of building itself. It is their goal to bring the vision of the client, the particulars of the site, and the richness of craft together to create an enduring livable architecture capable of inspiration and delight.View site ›

Olson Kundig Architects

Nationally recognzied, the firm of Olson Kundig are committed to urbanism and civic life and the role that architecture plays within those arenas. View site ›

PLACE Architects

PLACE architects approach all their projects with sustainable modern style and a commitment to community. From edgy new live/work spaces, to sensitive Midcentury remodels, to commercial and public projects; PLACE’s award winning focus brings out the personality of its clients while weaving new work seamlessly into the existing environment. View site ›

Robin Chell Design

Robin Chell Design offers complete and comprehensive interior services, including design development, space planning, furnishing and fixture selection, construction administration and installation. View site ›

SkB Architects

Excellent Architects with a Contemporary Modern edge. View site

Steven Bull | Workshop for Architecture

Seattle based architecture and design practice led by Steve Bull. Current projects include single-family residences, rural retreats, compact multifamily dwellings, retail environments, office space, and modern adaptations of existing urban buildings.
View site >

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  • for the ‘webmaster’:
    a client of ours recently inquired as to why we are not listed on the 360Modern architect list… we frankly didn’t know there was one, and would be honored to be included. I am a regular viewer of your listings and a fan of what you do. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Thanks in advance!
    Joe Herrin AIA

  • Hi Joe,

    You are with Heliotrope, yes? We would be happy to list your firm on the site. 

  • Hello!  

    O’Farrell Landscape Design and Install would be excited to be on your list of designers.  Is there anything I need to do to be included?  I plan to send a marketing folder your way.

    Julie O’Farrell

  • We’d also be honored to be included in your list.  While we wish there was less talent to compete with, it’s nice to be reminded what a great town this is for modern residential architecture.  I think it keeps everyone at the top of their game.

    Allan Farkas
    Eggleston|Farkas Architects

    • We would be happy to add you to the list Allan. We agree, we are lucky to live in an area with such amazing talent.