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I had the chance to sit down with Heidi Ward, owner and managing partner here at 360modern.  Heidi’s passion for modern and mid-century homes, coupled with her experience in real estate make her uniquely qualified to speak to the current state of the market as it applies to modern homes in the Greater Seattle area.

Tell us about the current state of the Seattle real estate market

This certainly isn’t a news flash; the Seattle Real Estate Market is red hot right now.  In my 17 years, I have never witnessed anything like this.  What we are seeing is a truly unadulterated seller’s market.  Seattle is full of buyers who want to get their hands on something, and the inventory levels are excruciatingly low.

People ask me, ‘why aren’t sellers selling their homes?’  That’s a good question.  Unless you are planning to sell your home because you are moving out of the area, as a seller you now need to figure out where you are going to live.  The problem then becomes, what do you buy if nothing is available?  It can be frustrating for a seller who has equity in their home to feel like they have no place to go once their home sells.  This presents a dilemma for buyers and sellers alike who are both unsure of how to best steer their way through this challenging process.  It can certainly be a trying situation for all parties involved.

Fortunately, I do think there are strategies to help sellers find successful ways to navigate the current market.  One of the benefits of working with an experienced real estate professional, is that we have the tools to help make the path a little bit smoother.  If you are interested in selling your home and want to discuss successful ideas for how to strategize, we can make that happen for you.

Why is right now a great time to list your home?

Conventional wisdom will tell you that early spring is the best time to get your home on the market.  However, if you didn’t get your house on the market by March, don’t despair.  We’ve seen an unusually wet winter this year that seems to have extended into the spring months.  This means that May could end up being the ideal time to get your home listed this season.  Continued buyer demand will always drive the market, no matter what time of year it is. I would not hesitate to get your house ready to sell in the upcoming months.  In terms of real estate, we are on track to have a pretty ‘hot’ summer in Seattle.

Mid Century Modern Gem in Sherwood Forest Neighborhood of Edmonds, WA

Mid Century Modern Gem in Sherwood Forest Neighborhood of Edmonds, WA

How does the demand for Modern Homes fit into current market conditions?

At 360modern, when we talk about Modern Homes what we mean are beautifully crafted, and architecturally unique Modern homes.  Homes with clean lines, open floor plans, and a seamless flow of outdoor and indoor living spaces.  There is definitely a heightened demand for modern homes in and around Seattle.  Specifically, for classic mid-century modern homes.

There is a special weather pattern all its own that is mid-century modern real estate.  The design of these homes never goes out of style, nor does the demand for them.  Nothing gets people more excited than finding that one-of-a-kind gem of a home.  The more original and unaltered it is the better.  A classic mcm in any neighborhood is like a classic car to the modernist aficionado.  At 360modern not only do we understand this, but we know how to leverage this demand into getting clients top dollar offers for their homes.

Through the 360modern search engine we have the capability to bring up homes all over the Seattle metro area and get them directly to interested buyers.  This is one of the benefits of having access to a targeted buyer audience. Last year we had a gorgeous mid-century home in Edmonds that was listed at $589,000 and ended up getting 11 offers and selling for $750,000.  When we have homes listed in Renton and Burien, buyers who weren’t even looking in these areas are coming to the open houses because they found the homes while searching on the 360modern website.  People who recognize the quality of architecturally significant design know that the name 360modern is synonymous with exceptional modern homes.

Mid Century Modern Gem in Sherwood Forest Neighborhood of Edmonds, WA

Mid Century Modern Gem in Sherwood Forest Neighborhood of Edmonds, WA

What are some of the benefits of selling your home with 360modern?

The main benefit you will receive when choosing to have 360modern represent your home purchase or sale is the guidance you will have from start to finish for how to package and present your modern home in its best possible light.

At 360modern, we know how to prepare your modern and mid-century home for the market.  We have the tools to help your home reach the broadest possible audience.  I like to make the analogy that if plugging your home listing into MLS is shotgun marketing, then utilizing 360modern is rifle marketing.  Unlike the MLS, 360modern home listings are landing in specifically targeted inboxes.  This gives your unique modern home the increased exposure that it deserves.

Our expertise in buying and selling modern homes coupled with a genuine passion for modernism means that we know good design.  We know how to brand your home in a way that makes the right statement.  And more importantly, we know how to reach the right audience.  When a seller comes to us, they want to know that their modern home is being presented in a way that will showcase its best features.  We know how to sell your modern home because we have a great appreciation for your home’s unique character.

Interested in Selling your Home with 360modern?  Let’s start a conversation.

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