Hilltop Community: The Folks Who Live On The Hill

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The Hilltop Community, near Bellevue, is a treasure. This truly special time capsule of mid-century Modern is important for several reasons: The organic, natural beauty of the area; its significant collection of Northwest Modern homes (which blend so well with that natural beauty); and the forward-thinking philosophical and democratic principles that have guided Hilltop’s residents for over sixty years.

The Backstory

Hilltop is a collaborative community. It was founded in the late 1940s and early 1950s by a small group of friends—and quickly became one of the Northwest’s most exciting mid-century experiments in social planning and living.

The roughly sixty-acre tract features forty naturally landscaped home sites of an acre each (or close to it). By-laws prohibit subdivision of the lots. The remaining twenty-three acres of greenbelt hold Hilltop’s private playfield, swimming pool, tennis court, walking trail. These are go-to homes for buyers seeking classic Modern living, family living, entertaining.

Northwest Modern

Nearly all of Hilltop’s residences were built in the 1950s. Many significant Northwest Modernist architects designed dwellings there—including Fred Bassetti, Paul Hayden Kirk, and Wendell Lovett. These homes were brilliantly scaled to feel a part of the landscape, not imposed upon it.

Utilities are underground, and most homes have outstanding views. There are no fences. At Hilltop, the spirit of cooperation and shared values is strong. Home owners work together to maintain the common areas. And in a charming, decades-long tradition, neighbors often get together for a Friday night barbecue.

Buying In

Limited inventory and desirable lifestyle mean Hilltop homes don’t often come on the market. In the last two years, there have been just four sales there. These ranged in price from a 2-bedroom, 2-bath residence that changed hands for $625k in August 2009, to a 4-bedroom, 2-bath that sold in late 2009 for $830k. Hilltop’s two most recent sales (both in 2011), were at $650k and $690k, respectively.
What You Really Need to Know: 360 Modern was involved in three of Hilltop’s four most recent sales. Two of those homes never even hit the open market—we had buyers already lined up. The third sold in a few hours, again because 360 brought in a buyer right away.

Hilltop is just one instance where I feel 360 Modern’s focus on Modern homes, and our strong connection with that network, really gives you an edge. I hope you will call us with any questions you have about Hilltop, or any other Modern community or home.

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  • Great article!!  Lovely, lovely Hilltop.

  • minnie mouse

    I’ve heard that community referred to as Somerset. Is that incorrect, or is Somerset the formal name?

  • Hi Minnie Mouse,

    No, Somerset is actually to the west of Hilltop, closer to Factoria, and a much larger development. Hilltop is located off of the 150th St. exit.

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