Grow’in Up


Managing a start up company is hard work. Forging paths, making big things happen on tiny budgets, late nights and early mornings, lots and lots of coffee. It’s challenging but oh so very fun. Every now and then something happens-sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s something small- and we sit back and say wow, we’re a real company, we’re doing big things.

This is so cool.

That happened to us recently when we got our new sign. We have been in the same building for a little over a year and all we had was a little, orange, corrugated plastic 360 Modern sign sitting on the ledge of our window, peering outside like a shy child. You would hardly know we were there.

Now we have our big, beautiful 360 Modern sign. It’s brushed aluminum and actually attached to the building. We are so proud. It’s a reminder of how far we have come and how far we need to go (the next one will be backlit).

If you’re ever out near the entrance to Discovery Park, look to your right, now you’ll see us when you drive by. Wave.

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