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We had a chance to have Scott Darlage from Loft 63 answer a few questions about his business, life, and what led to his start in modern. At Loft 63, he works mostly with small family groups handcrafting mid century modern designed furniture, some located in Washington State – all of located out west (American made). The store includes smaller vintage home decor items that are from the mid century modern era – cocktail sets, barware, Pyrex dishes, coffee carafe’s, etc.

Without further adieu…

What is Loft 63, and what led you to start it?

I’ve always loved Mid Century Modern Furniture & Decor and had always wanted to own my own business. I worked in the travel business for 16 years, and had dreamed of owning a boutique hotel. Running the numbers on a business plan to open a hotel, I realized it would require many investors. As I thought about what it was that I liked about this idea, I realized it was the “decor and design” of the hotel that I was drawn to. With that in mind, I began reaching out to furniture suppliers and attended a furniture trade-show to educate myself on the business. A little over 2 years ago I was able to make that dream come true with the opening of Loft 63!


At Loft 63 we work with small family groups who are handcrafting Mid Century Modern Designed Furniture. Some of our woodworkers are here in Washington State, and all are out west – Made in USA! The pieces are unique and customizable! For the smaller home decor we carry vintage pieces from the 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s – Vintage Cocktail Sets, Coffee Carafe’s, Seattle World’s Fair Pieces, and more! The artwork we carry is by local Seattle & Northwest Artists. When you shop at Loft 63 you are supporting a larger network of small business handcrafters here in the United States!


How did you originally discover modern design, architecture, and real estate?

scott-darlage-photoI’ve been in Seattle for 10 years, but I grew up in Indiana in a small town. My Grandfather was a carpenter. He had built an early 1960’s ranch home, made of Indiana Limestone, that he and my Grandmother called home. I loved the bones of that house! It had a beautiful entryway with tiered see-through shelves looking into the living room, the kitchen featured a cute breakfast nook looking out into the back yard, and the basement had a wonderful wreck room. I also remember my Grandparents Mid Century Modern home decor pieces – kitchenware, cocktail sets, wall clocks and more. Visiting with my Grandparents was really where I fell in love with Mid Century Modern!

Beyond that – when my family would take summer vacations to the beach, I always loved the little 1950’s & ’60’s Motels in the beach towns. I loved the clean lines of the architecture, the decorative breeze blocks and the flashing neon signs!

How do you live modern?

I live in a 650 square foot condo on Capitol Hill in a building designed by Tom Kundig at Olson Kundig. My unit has a teak colored rolling wall that gives it a mid century modern feel! Living in a small urban space, I keep that in mind at Loft 63. Many of our furniture pieces are smaller scale and thus sized for urban living in a modern townhouse or condo, but still a good fit for a Mid Century Modern Ranch Home!

Why do you love modern? (Mid Century Modern in Particular)

I’ve always been drawn to the clean lines of Mid Century Modern & Modern Design. From a furniture standpoint – I find the clean lines don’t weigh your room down with a heavy piece of furniture. Living in a smaller urban space – I find that is important.

What I love about the Vintage Mid Century Modern is how each piece has a story or elicits a memory. It’s fun to see customers faces light up when they find a piece that reminds them of a family member or a childhood memory. I enjoy hearing stories from customers and sharing my own stories in the store. Often customers purchase a piece because it is a warm reminder of their past, and I’m always happy to know a vintage decor piece has found a loving new home!

Want to learn more? Pay Scott a visit downtown just East of the Corner at 6th & Stewart (609 Stewart Street) – directly across from The Hotel Max!

Interested in telling the story of your Modern lifestyle? Shoot me a line at drew@360modern.com.

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