Furniture Shop Showcase: Couch


360modern is a community of modernists including architects, Modern furniture and art experts, non-profits, state historical organizations, county historical groups, and contractors. Today, we’re continuing our showcase of the people and businesses that make up the Seattle Modern community.

We had the opportunity to ask Ameer Radwan, owner of the Seattle furniture store, Couch, some questions about his company and custom furniture pieces.


How did Couch Seattle originate? What are the driving forces behind Couch?

COUCH was founded in 2008. We just saw that there was a huge gap in the market for reasonably priced custom and eco-friendly upholstery and were excited to fill it. We believe that things like custom sizing or latex foam should be available at an accessible price point.

What is the philosophy of your company?

Above all we solve problems that few others can. We continually hone our supply chain and production capabilities in pursuit of our ability to provide the highness quality at exceptional value.


What makes Couch furniture unique?

We give our customers the ability to fully tailor their sofa to their needs. Everything from the length of the sofa to the width of the arm can be fully customized. No other shop in the marketplace does this at a mid-market price point.

What is the best part in the process of creating a custom piece of furniture?

We really enjoy the challenge of solving problems that we are uniquely equipped to. From providing a replica of a beloved (but past its prime) family favorite sofa to filling a challenging nook in someone’s basement- we pride ourselves on being problem solvers.

What is your ultimate goal when creating a piece for a client?


We see ourselves a little like contractors. We want to come in on time or early and we want to come in on spec. Substantial construction, straight seams, a thoughtfully ergonomic seating geometry. These are the things that inspire us.

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