Design with Intention: Choosing A Color Scheme for Your Modern Home

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Whether you are new to modern design, have recently purchased a modern or mid century home, or are just looking to revamp your existing digs with a fresh new style, determining the color palette for your home’s interior can be a big decision.  Ask any interior design professional and they will tell you that one of their top priorities when creating a design concept for clients is determining the appropriate use of color that will best reflect both the home owner’s personality and the personality of the home itself.  So what do you want your home’s color scheme to say about YOU the individual?

photo credit: easmor.com

photo credit: easmor.com

Finding Inspiration

To implement a successful interior design strategy for your modern home, choosing the appropriate color scheme should rank high on your list of priorities.  Resources aimed at assisting you to make the best color choices for your home are abundant.   In addition to a variety of interior design magazines and books currently available, there is a wealth of design inspiration obtainable from all reaches of the web, including sites like Houzz and Pinterest which are both treasure troves of interior design solutions. If you are interested in a more organic approach to finding inspiration, chances are your creative muse is already lurking somewhere inside your abode.  A favorite textile, sculpture or piece of wall art may hold the key to getting your creative juices flowing.

Make a Splash with Bold Color

Whether you live in a brand new modern space or a classic mid century home, utilizing a ‘modern-retro’ color scheme can be an excellent way to give your home a vibrant new look.  Consider complementary colors like teal and coral, or chartreuse and bright red to make your home’s interior really pop.  The extent to which you choose to implement bold color choices into your home really comes down to your own comfortability level.  Whether you choose to stick with a neutral tone overall and add a small splash of color with accent pillows and wall art, or go big with a brightly colored accent wall or sofa, you will be adding a dramatic emphasis to your home’s interior.

photo credit: trabahomes.com

photo credit: trabahomes.com

Regional Considerations

Be mindful of the environment you live in when making decisions about color.  What works in the hot sun of Southern California may clash with the dreary skies of the Pacific Northwest.  Conventional wisdom will tell you that your best bet is to play it safe and stick with the natural tones of the environment around you.  In Seattle, our winter months are dominated by grey skies and heavily filtered light suggesting that muted tones in the cool grey spectrum would be the best option for color choices.  This is a major shift from the desert region of Palm Springs with its bright sun shining most of the year.  In this climate, colors high in saturation like the warmer tones of red, orange, and yellow are preferable.  Regional attributes aside, the statement you’d like to make with your home’s interior is entirely personal preference.

Creating Balance

With so many options to choose from, it can be a struggle not to go overboard.  An interior that is overwhelmed by too much color can be a major distraction from the architectural features of your home.  Selecting a color scheme that creates a sense of harmony and balance in your home should be a crucial point to consider when embarking on this journey.   Whether you choose to go with a timeless color motif or bring it into the 21st-century with a more modern scheme, finding the color combination that best represents the architectural integrity of your modern home can really create a cohesive and fresh style, and make a dramatic statement about you as an individual.

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