Christmas Kitsch | The MCM Gingerbread House

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Heidi and I were having a conversation about Modern Christmas decorations…or the lack thereof. I was complaining about these creepy elves that my mother has given me over the years called Anna Lee dolls, Heidi was telling me about her Department 56 Christmas Cottage collection. Not exactly Modern…

Christmas often runs amok with traditional Christmas ornamentation so we were trying to come up with some cool but fun Modern decor…something a little different. Heidi had the great idea of building a MCM ginger bread house and had found a plan on the internet. I decided to check this out and found a number of very creative Modern gingerbread homes that I thought I would share.

Arizona Modern maybe? Note the “cactus”

Palm trees!!

Sculptor Matt Devine’s “Hollywood Holiday”

This one is my favorite, complete with butterfly roof, awesome clock and Eames chair.

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