Back to the Future: Mid-Century Modern


Back to the Future: Mid-Century Modern

Big windows, open layouts, clean lines—mid-century modern is back and in a big way. We’ve seen an increased demand for MCM homes over the last several years, and the ones that do make it onto the market tend to generate a lot of buzz before being snapped up. So why are these architectural gems of the ’50s and ’60s riding such a big wave of popularity circa now?

Modern Match

The cornerstones of mid-century modern design align well with how people want to live in their homes today. Open floor plans are great for families with young children, large windows allow for ample sunlight, the seamless transition from indoors to out extends the living space, pared-down forms focus on function, and natural materials are in perfect sync with the contemporary green movement. Homeowners don’t just want great visual appeal; they’re also looking for the functionality and ease of living that MCM homes can offer.

Investment Potential

A little sweat equity can go a long way. To modern-design lovers, a mid-century modern fixer can be a more affordable option than a new construction or custom project. Plus, MCM properties still in good condition have proven to be solidly built, adding to their overall value and appeal.

Sentimental Value

Don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia. Mad Men is a pop culture darling, the 1950s are glamorized in Hollywood, and everything from vintage clothes to retro furniture is back en vogue. It’s all about returning to a simpler time, and mid-century modern design fits perfectly into this style niche.

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  • Good article! Great design never goes out of style. I hear stories all the time about house growing up in a modernist dwelling has influenced creativity in the occupants.

    Robert Crowe