Artist Showcase: Yulia Piterkina


360modern is a community of modernists including architects, Modern furniture and art experts, non-profits, state historical organizations, county historical groups, and contractors. Today, we’re continuing our showcase of the people and businesses that make up the Seattle Modern community.

We had the chance to ask Yulia Piterkina a few questions. Without further adieu, here’s her story first hand…

Please briefly introduce yourself.

yulia-piterkinaMy name is Yulia Piterkina and I am the owner of www.06place.com, an on-line shop selling modern art prints for walls and shelves. I am a self-taught photographer, designer, and stylist, passionate about creating beautiful things and capturing the details of the world around.

When did you know you’d become an artist? What is your medium and what attracted you to this medium?

My passion for creativity started to grow when I got a digital camera about 8 years ago. I began (like most mothers) photographing kids, then nature, then everything that “spoke” to me and it became a full-time serious hobby. I also became interested in drawing, design, styling, everything and anything that had to do with creating. All this gradually led to me opening 06place.com about 6 months ago with the primary aim of helping people decorate their spaces with modern art. I started with just black and white art prints, which are one of my favorite, and now have several other collections that offer different color combinations and themes. Most of these art pieces are photography prints, because that is what I enjoy doing most: observing the world through the viewfinder and capturing a specific moment, object or mood and preserving it in time.


Do you have any tricks to connecting with your creative self? Do you have any special routines that you do to help you work? What’s your greatest inspiration in creating your work? What are the most satisfying pieces to create?

I seek inspiration everywhere around me. Other people’s work and creative process inspires me a lot. I browse internet, visit art exhibitions and galleries, watch movies. Most of the time, inspiration comes from simple observation of things, both inside and outside: their shape, color, texture, pattern and the way light hits them at a certain angle. I also love exploring new places: it offers a different perspective and is a great source of inspiration. When I am not traveling, I photograph, design and create something in my home studio almost everyday. And when my work finds its way to someone’s wall or shelf, helps create a unique atmosphere and is loved, that is the best reward I can have!


How do you think about your art related to Modern architecture and design?

I think that modern architecture and design are primarily about form and function. I love the simplicity of modern spaces, clean lines, uncomplicated finishes, lots of light and a sense of balance that is highlighted by a few details adding visual interest and texture. My idea is to create the kind of art that helps enhance this modern space: by adding the right amount of color, texture and pattern, creating a unique atmosphere in a particular space. And, I believe, my art pieces will do exactly that: help decorate walls and shelves in a balanced way, keeping “less is more” principal in mind. They are designed to compliment the modern space, rather than take away from it.


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