Artist Showcase: Lake Forest Creative Studio


360modern is a community of modernists including architects, Modern furniture and art experts, non-profits, state historical organizations, county historical groups, and contractors. Today, we’re continuing our showcase of the people and businesses that make up the Seattle Modern community.

We had the opportunity to ask Laura Burkhart of Lake Forest Creative Studio a few questions…

Please introduce yourself and Lake Forest Creative Studio.

Hello! My name is Laura and I’m an artist and native Seattleite. Through my own small business, Lake Forest Creative Studio, I create original and custom artwork inspired by the Pacific Northwest. I consider myself a creative ‘Jill of all trades’, practicing in a variety of mediums. I love working with people to tell a visual story, whether it be through painting, illustration, woodwork, styling or décor. I’m incredibly passionate about the power of art and design to celebrate the beauty of the world around us and it is always my goal to make work that spreads positive energy.

What is your background in Art and Design?

I earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and Art History from the University of Washington and then went on to earn a second degree in Interior Design at The Interior Designers Institute. Growing up I was always painting murals on my walls, redoing my furniture, sketching everything I saw and always taking on new creative mediums with excitement. In my adult life this has translated to a career full of a variety of jobs in the art and design world, most recently as an installation artist for Free People. After 5 years of creating artwork for stores, photoshoots and events all over the country, I recently struck out on my own to pursue my own work full time.

What inspires your artwork? What mediums do you enjoy working with?

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, my work is largely inspired by the rich natural beauty that engulfs us here. I am forever striving to capture the allure of the mountains, the energy of the trees and essence of the water. Stylistically I’m also incredibly inspired by the Abstract Expressionists and Impressionists and am always bringing a modern and unexpected touch to my pieces. I love working in a variety of mediums but my focus lately has been on painting in both acrylic and watercolor.


The spaces of your home are beautiful. How does your home’s environment and design influence your creative process?

My home is such a big part of my process since I work entirely from home, out of room we’ve converted into a little art studio, and a small garage that functions as a workshop. I feel its important for it to feel warm and comfortable, while also being a well curated collection of our lives and practically support our life. When buying this home we wanted to be incredibly thoughtful about each piece we brought in, only keeping things that held meaning for us. We decided to create concentrated moments of décor, with clean and minimal areas of pause in between. My friends and family are also a huge part of my life and we wanted our home to be a place to gather with our community. By bringing together elements from our travels, tokens of inspiration, and functional design that accommodates our lifestyle, our home is a place of joy and happiness, always the space from which my creativity flows.

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