Shoreline / Edmonds

Shoreline / Edmonds Modern Homes

Just beyond Northwest Seattle, Shoreline and other cities in western Snohomish County stretch along Puget Sound. These suburbs are a popular choice for those who want space and affordability, preserved Mid-Century Modern properties, and a location that’s a reasonable commuting distance to downtown Seattle. Shoreline was once part of North Seattle until it became its own city in 1995. Today it has 14 distinct neighborhoods and is primarily residential with a core of businesses running along Highway 99, the major thoroughfare that goes south to Seattle and north through Snohomish County. One of the most notable Shoreline neighborhoods is Innis Arden, a community overlooking Hidden Lake with supreme views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Architect Ralph Anderson was one of the first to build in this area, with other young architects following soon after. Find classic modern homes here with simple forms, flat and shed roofs, expansive windows, and natural materials. East of Shoreline, the forested bedroom community of Lake Forest Park offers ample privacy with generous lots, a bevy of nature preserves and parks, and easy access to the popular Burke-Gilman Trail. It was first envisioned as a getaway for professionals and remains a prime choice today for its unblemished landscape and lakefront properties. To the north, former logging town Edmonds boasts island and water views, plus convenient access to ferries. Early development in the late 1800s gave way to continued growth in the ’40s and ’50s. Today a smattering of MCM homes still exists, and some spectacular custom homes in recent years have pushed the contemporary design envelope. Woodway to the southwest has a park-like atmosphere and, similar to the Hilltop Community in Bellevue, is a strong community dedicated to preservation. And further north, the city of Lynnwood is a bustling suburban neighborhood with a large regional mall and affordable housing.