Kirkland / Bellevue

Kirkland / Bellevue Modern Homes

Located on the east side of Lake Washington, Bellevue and Kirkland have grown up to be more than just suburbs of Seattle; they now have their own identities and urban cores. A Modern sensibility drives much of the new condominium and townhome development. Projects such as One Main and the Certified Gold, LEED-built Bellevue Towers are a harbinger of an Eastside turn towards Modern. Kirkland and Bellevue, along with the adjoining city of Medina, lie along the lakeshore and therefore have some of the highest priced real estate on the Eastside. Over the years, old homes have been torn down to make way for new custom homes-many of which are strikingly Modern. Don't let this blind you to the mid-century history however. There are gems tucked away in many nooks and crannies. Modern Bellevue neighborhoods include Woodridge, Surrey Downs, Robinswood, Eastgate, and the iconic Hilltop neighborhood. In Kirkland, the neighborhoods of Bridle Trails, Holmes Point and Rose Hill are also home to many Mid-Century Modern residences.