Architect Showcase: Atelier Drome


360modern is a community of modernists including architects, Modern furniture and art experts, non-profits, state historical organizations, county historical groups, and contractors. Today, we’re continuing our showcase of the people and businesses that make up the Seattle Modern community.

We had the opportunity to ask Seattle based Atelier Drome some questions about their stunning Island Home + Studio project located in the San Juan Islands.

Briefly introduce Atelier Drome.  What are the guiding principles of your firm?

Atelier Drome was founded on the belief that good design can truly improve our lives. This philosophy manifests itself in a design ideology that celebrates simple yet significant solutions. Rooted in modern design, Atelier Drome aims to work collaboratively with clients in an effort to provide an affordable solution catered to the owners’ unique desires and needs. Each design, whether remodel or new construction, residential or commercial, or even a simple piece of furniture is specifically conceptualized with the human scale and owner’s use of space in mind.
As architects and designers, we believe in encouraging green sustainable building and design, understanding that our resources are precious. We get excited about creating intelligent solutions, rather than bigger solutions, and strongly believe that a thoughtfully designed project will have less impact on the earth, help foster positive relationships, and ultimately enhance the owners’ lives.



Describe the thought process in the design of the Island Home + Studio Project?

The Island Home + Studio was not only designed for but was inspired by the homeowner, Rich Brothers. Brothers is an artist and his home reflects his artwork that spans anywhere from Cycladic to the styles of Shakerism and Shintoism. Michelle Linden, principal architect, worked with Brothers to bring his dreams to life. Linden and Brothers share a visual palette and were able to send images and sketches back and forth to one another during the design process.

What was the goal of the Island Home + Studio project?

Atelier Drome was dedicated to creative pursuits with the goal of creating the perfect artist get away. The client knew that he wanted the house to serve as a quiet retreat, disciplined working environment, and with low energy needs, all within a strict budget. Our goal was to meet our client’s needs.


How does the Island Home + Studio lend itself to modern living?

dsc_0062The home is a true open concept plan, without even doors to divide private spaces from public. The flow from workspace to gallery to living can be completely open or closed off in order to create a sense of privacy. We also utilized sustainable building practices in order to ensure   longevity and efficiency. The home incorporates geothermal wells and heat pump, solar panels, and a sophisticated insulation system resulting in a nearly zero energy usage home. Radiant slabs, passive cooling through stack effect cross ventilation, high efficiency wood stoves, and specially constructed glazing make an efficient, comfortable home.


What are your favorite aspects of this project?

To me, the connection to the outdoors is my favorite aspect. The view is amazing, but the house is organized in order to give you glimpses, rather than give it all away at once. As you travel through the home, you experience different views, offering different ways to connect to the outdoors. Additionally, the courtyard provides a quiet refuge where you can still be one with your surroundings without being buffeted by heat or wind.




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