5 Things You May Not Know About 360modern


We are often asked what exactly it is that we do. Are we a brokerage? A bunch of people who just really love Modern? For those that know we are a real estate marketing company, they may wonder why they should consider 360 Modern over their cousin Jane or their neighborhood agent. Well, for starters, it’s way more fun to look for homes with someone who “gets” Modern and we definitely “get” Modern. So, hopefully I can clear up a few lingering questions you may have.

Our affiliated agents really know Modern homes

Our brokers are passionate about and dedicated to the appreciation of Modern architecture and all things related-Modern rocks and we know it! We understand the value of Modern and what is important to the modern home buyer. We also understand why a home designed by certain architects may have greater value than comparable tract homes. (And we know how to pronounce the architect’s name!) And because we all have specialized geographic areas, we not only know the modern homes and neighborhoods in our area, we also understand the greater market dynamics. Like, if you live in Renton, you may be surrounded by short sales.

We have our finger on the pulse of the Modern Market

For buyers in particular, it means we often hear about great Modern homes before they are available on the market. See our post on Hilltop Community as an example. We network amongst ourselves of course, but our non-Modern broker colleagues often alert us if they have a new Modern home listing coming on the market. Unfortunately, not every Modern home seller uses 360 Modern (sheesh!) so it is important for us to have and maintain these relationships in the broker community.

We are not a brokerage, we are a marketing services company

360 Modern is not a real estate brokerage, but our authorized brokers are all members of well-known brokerages in your neighborhood. Through this relationship we not only offer the 360 Modern niche marketing but the marketing power of a national or large regional brand-The best of both worlds, really. When you list or buy a home with a 360 Modern broker, you will be represented by that broker’s brokerage (say that 10 times fast). 360 Modern will be the marketing vehicle by which our affiliated brokers expose your home to the Modern marketplace.

The 360 Modern Advantage: The Power of Niche Marketing

Our mission is to provide an common place for Buyers and Sellers of Modern homes to meet-virtually. Our website is trafficked by Modern aficionados from all over the world. We provide the ideal venue for Buyers to shop for Modern homes and for Sellers to showcase the Modern homes they have for sale.

We Sell “Traditional” Homes Too

Yes, it’s true, we sell Craftsman, Splits, Tudors and the like, too. Many of our clients are moving from more traditional homes into their “dream home” so we work with them to get their traditional homes sold once we find “The One”. 360 Modern affiliated brokers truly understand marketing, that is one reason why they are affiliated with 360. We bring that marketing expertise to all of our home listings, not just the Modern ones.

At the end of the day however, we really love working with, not only these very cool pieces of architecture, we love our clients who love the Modern aesthetic. They are usually the coolest people in the room.

For more information, you can also check out our FAQ page.

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