The 2017 Mid-Century Modern William Fletcher House Tour

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Join Restore Oregon for this year’s Mid-Century House Tour.  They will be celebrating the residential architecture of noteable Portland-based architect William Fletcher through a series of events from a Home Tour, Lecture, and After Party.

20800149_10154784061111716_1000333506402527982_nWhere: George Rogers Park
(Upper Picnic Shelter)
When: 9:00 am
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From Restore, OR:

Sep 23, 2017 – Restore Oregon will present the Mid-Century Modern William Fletcher Tour. A founding member of the Portland architectural firm FFA (Fletcher Farr Ayotte), William Fletcher’s work was inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the international style of architecture, but was also influenced by Oregon’s NW Regional Modernism which was flourishing at that time. The resulting homes are both modern and appropriate for the landscape. Scroll down for more information.

In addition to celebrating Mid-Century architecture, the goal for our tour is to draw attention to the need for thoughtful preservation of Modern architecture. Homes on the tour may have been lovingly restored, but there are so many more Modern buildings whose historic significance remains unrecognized, and are very much in need of stewardship.


More about William Fletcher from Modern Homes Portland:

William Fletcher started his architectural practice in 1955 in his home but quickly moved into the SW 14th St work space that housed the famed “14th Street gang” made up of  architects:  Saul Zaik, Donald Blair,  John Reese , Frank Blachly, Alex Pierce, and designer George Schwarz. The “14th Street Gang” would collaborate on projects but each had their own practice as well.

Bill Fletcher along with John Yeon, Pietro Belluschi, John Storrs, Saul Zaik cultivated and made famous, the Northwest Regional Style of architecture through their design projects. Fletchers designs were inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the International Style.  Fletcher passed away in 1998 and according to his bio, was so passionate about architecture, that he was actively involved in his projects until the day before he passed away.

About Restore Oregon:

Restore Oregon was founded in 1977 as the Historic Preservation League of Oregon. As the organization has evolved over the years, we’ve always focused on taking care of the places that make Oregon, OREGON: the historic homes and neighborhoods, bridges and barns, churches and Main Streets that make this place so authentic and livable.

Historic places are cultural, environmental, and economic assets, and they need active stewardship or they will be lost to future generations. Our efforts to save Oregon’s Most Endangered Places are preserving historic structures from the Ermatinger House in Oregon City to the Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay. Our Preservation Roundtable engages hundreds of people each year, including developers, planners, government agencies, and property owners to revitalize Oregon’s historic Main Streets. Now we’re tackling the number one reason historic buildings are lost in Oregon: insufficient economic incentives.







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